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Developing a Sales and Marketing Strategy

When developing and sales and marketing strategy and plan there are two types of sales approaches. One is the mindset of the hunter and the other is that of the farmer. The Hunter. The mindset of the hunter is to “Track, Kill & Move On.” Hunters are quick, restless and nomadic. The rapidly assess opportunities and discover rapid solutions to generate sustenance. In sales and marketing this would involve outbound phone calls,...

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Local Search Engine Optimization Tips

My listed local search engine optimization tips and the best SEO practices for 2016, and for years to come, will require an exact branding and marketing strategy. With above Google Hangout and this blog post (click here) is contained a detailed plan on how to leverage local SEO tactics that will help your content to rank higher in all the major search engines. In theory, the best SEO practices are powerful and exact. But truth be...

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Reputation Management Services For Dentists | Matt Gleason Interview

Reputation Management services for Dentists | Edwin Dearborn, author of the best selling book, Power Branding Secrets, interviews Matt Gleason, President of Galaxy Marketing Solutions. Galaxy Marketing solutions, which specializes in helping dental professionals better marketing their practices. In today’s Google Hangout, Matt talks about the various marketing services that they offer for their clients, as well as why they have...

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How To Know If Your SEO Expert Is Selling You Voodoo

Recently, a supposed SEO expert quoted an associate of mine for top SEO services. The proposal had two immediate indicators of being questionable: It was complex and it was priced quite inexpensively. It had tons of “amazing” words and promises contained within it’s pages, yet it was at was a price that was too good to be true. My BS radar was alerted, so I decided to see if this SEO expert was practicing what he was...

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Digital Marketing Strategies: Interview with Edwin Dearborn

I was recently interviewed by Wade Bergquist concerning digital marketing strategies for 2016. Digital Marketing Strategies: Four Basics One Have a written marketing strategy in place. The number one omission in businesses that I visit and consult, which needs to become more effective with their digital marketing strategies, is a having written strategy in hand. “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his...

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