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The Five Steadfast Maxims Of How Content Marketing Generates ROI

Here are some steadfast rules on how to push out from the starting block and generate content that will produce the best ROI.


The Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

There is no longer any question as to whether or not you should engage in content marketing as part of your marketing strategy, but rather, how you should build and execute a successful content marketing plan. In 2012, 44% of companies elected to outsource their content-marketing programs.


Seven Ways To Build Confidence In Your Sales Team

Having managed sales professionals for most of my life, I understand the complexity of what it takes to achieve production quotas. Sales can be emotionally difficult and stressful, especially if one accumulates losses and failure. Sales is more than developing great marketing, but requires sales processes that are issued in company policy, followed and reviewed periodically for workability and results.

social-mediaWhat Is The Elusive Secret To Social Media Success?

It is not uncommon that when I meet with prospective clientele for the first time about their social media marketing efforts they are beyond frustrated. Defeatism, by definition, is the acceptance of or resignation to the prospect that any continued effort to succeed is futile. When a CEO or business owner has the defeatist attitude that marketing can’t possibly generate a positive ROI, then this becomes the primary barrier for a marketing strategist to overcome.


Can A CEO Rebuild His Trust In Marketing?

It is hard to fathom that more than two-thirds of CEOs have given in, no longer enforcing key business objectives and expectations with their marketing teams. Those CEOs primarily cite that their teams have “continuously failed” to bring about business growth. The findings are part of the Fournaise Marketing Group’s 2012 Global Marketing Effectiveness Program, wherein they interviewed more than 1,200 CEOs across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

While their report confirms that the majority of those CEOs possess their own in-house marketing departments, they do so “purely out of tradition.” It’s a sad indicator that defeatism has permeated most CEOs, in that they “made the conscious decision not to expect more from marketing than branding.”

linkedinHow To Leverage LinkedIn to Find Your Best Prospects

Last October, LinkedIn announced a new Profile format. Believe it or not, certain features are still being rolled out to some members. It is the biggest visual change to LinkedIn in its ten-year history. Here are four actions to take in order to optimize them.


How Content Marketing Can Triple Your Revenue

To generate more sales, what exactly is the step-by-step process that you need to undertake? Without initiating a clear-cut sales and marketing process, the chances of any company ’lucking in‘ to reaching its sales objectives are highly unlikely. As a CEO or business owner, you know that success in sales requires planning, execution and continuous review.


Management and Marketing Must Become Synonymous To Achieve Business Success

If you haven’t met Peter Drucker or know of his philosophy, after more than fifty years he is still considered to be one the most respected minds and authors on the subject of business.


Manifesto 2014: The Year of Strength

December 1, 2013

My Manifesto 2014 is centered around the word “Strength”. I will define the word Strength thoroughly, as well as how I will apply these twelve definitions to the key areas of my life. The word Strength recently came to me…

3 Insights On Social Media Networking For Business

August 10, 2013

Social media networking for business seems to be a waste of our time. Moreover, it is frustrating when nothing tangible results from our effort, in any field. Does Social Media Networking For Business Work? Clearly, when engaged upon correctly and…

The Rise & Fall of The Corporate Promise

August 6, 2013

Living the good life in our retirement years seems to be a fading dream for most Americans and even for those living in Europe. The corporate promise with secured pensions has almost but come to an end as an era.…

Is Small Business Networking Worth Your Effort?

August 1, 2013

Article written by Chad Lane, Chief Strategy Officer of Worry Free Consulting Small business networking is a very popular topic. Any small business owner, salesperson or consultant can find a multitude of small business networking groups to join. Participation in…

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